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From: Mark David
RE:The Five Dollar Funnel System

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You’re reading this because you’re currently looking for a way to generate cash from home. Maybe it’s because you’re sick and tired of just making a living and NOT living. Whatever the reason is, you NEED MONEY NOW, right? Well I have good news for you. I found something, a system, that can take you from where ever you’re at financially to at least $50 per day. And let me tell you, this is NOT one of those hyped-up, get rich quick schemes with no foundation. This is REAL, with REAL people, REAL results with lots of real products to download and training series.

With this program, I’m presently generating more cash in a week than most people make in an entire month. The Five Dollar Funnel Program is the NEWEST and easiest Home Based Business Opportunity Program available right now!

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Five Dollar Funnel were founded by Tom Cellie and Bill Ebert, they are both full time Professional Network Marketing Consultants with almost 50 years of combined experience in the industry and developed programs to a hundreds of thousands of members who were passionate about helping people, developing people and teaching others how to do the same.

We got a professional organization with world class products, technology, marketing and support

that includes:

And we also developed a global business in 196 countries with multiple currencies including Bitcoins.

What Are The Products?

All Products are developed by us ranging from marketing tools to over 200 hours of in-depth videos/audios training series and we also add new trainings each and every month. We also got unique marketing tools, and unique training from our live events to our hangouts that are all focus on teaching you how to become a professional entrepreneur and most importantly to create a life changing and full time income.

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

How Do We Make Money?

The first thing you must understand that joining this program is FREE, in other words if you do not want to buy anything and it’s never required for you to to make a purchase, you can only join as an affiliate. You can use the free options by either using one of our affiliate links with NetSpend (More explanation below) or by promoting the program and when other people buy the product, you can actually be upgraded for free. For those of you who don’t want to go to that process and just wanna buy, you can freely upgrade from your Backoffice section.

So we wanna give you an education, we wanna teach you how to do this business by people who’ve been teaching it and doing it professionally for 20 to 30 years and the way to start is to start at your comfort level.

Grow As You Learn, Learn As You Grow!

REMINDER: We prefer anyone to start from the $5 level or for the people who can’t afford it can start from a FREE level. We want everyone to start, learn and grow as your level progress, we called it low and slow. Grow as you learn, learn as you grow. We want to build a home, build friendship and build relationships ever as you learn and advanced to a much higher training level.

The 5 Dollar Funnel Compensation Plan is ingenuous because it utilizes the power of leverage to move our member into a series of point producing levels paying commission on team efforts. Points can be used to pay your next level training, pay someone else entry into the training program (PAY IT FORWARD) or transfer it to your paypal account. Point conversion is 1 Point = $1

Level 0: Free Membership

So you have to realize that in Five Dollars Funnel, YOU DON’T NEED TO SELL ANYTHING and there’s is no product to purchase from us if you want to join. What we’re doing is using our affiliate links to help fund your program so you can learn how to do Network Marketing, learn how to do Affiliate Marketing and learn how to earn unlimited income and it cost you nothing. You can learn EVERYTHING for FREE!!!

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

Once you earn your first $5, we will advanced you to the next Level or the Kickstarter Level.

Level 1: Kickstarter Level

This is where everyone begins, starting as a Kickstarter places you into a $5 monthly, 3×5 force matrix that has the potential to pay you as much as 221 points each and every month. This matrix spills from top to bottom left to right filling each open hole as new affiliates join, once you accumulated enough leverage commission, our system advances you to the Builder Level.

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

Level 2: Builder Level

This is a 20 Points, 3X5 force matrix that has the potential to pay you 1,443 Points each and every month. One important feature of this progressive program is that you enter the Builder Level with profits from the Kickstarter Level. That means that nothing more out of pocket is required from you other than the initial $5.00 you spent when you purchased our Kickstarter product. It’s also important to understand that when you advanced to the Builder Level your Kickstarter Level is still live and paying you month in and month out.

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

Level 3: Leader Level

Now you have two residual income streams paying you weekly and once you have approved commissions on Level 2 or the Builder level, our system again advances you into our third revenue vehicle called the Leader Level.

This is a 99.00 Points, 3×7 force spill matrix that fills top, down, left to right as in the previous two but with two extra levels deep. The Leader Matrix produces life changing income with a potential of 48,737.70 Points in recurring monthly residual income. You heard that right. Add to this the first two Levels and you have the potential to earn over 50,000 Points a month all from a small product purchase of just $5 bucks or FREE!!!.

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

And we’re not through yet just in the last example, when your Leader matrix generates 297 Points in commissions, our system will advance you one last time to our Mogul Level.

Level 4: Mogul level

Just like the Leader Level, its a 297 Points, 3×7 force spills matrix that’s top, down, left to right and has the potential to pay 146,213 Points a month, that’s all a 1,754,557 Points of potential annual earnings just from this matrix alone.

Join Five Dollar Funnel For Free

196,615 Points Monthly or
2,359,380 Points Yearly

This Is What You’ll Get From The Total Of Four Levels JUST From A Small Product Purchase Of $5 Bucks or Free!!!


Let’s be clear here, we pay you a portion of sales happening in your organization from retail product purchases.

This is not a cycler or a pyramid as you advance to each new level, new training products and marketing tools are unlock and each month new products are added.

Our force matrix system offers both spillover or help from above as well as help from below as everyone in your matrix is helping you by helping themselves. Take it as a distribution channel that pays fractional commissions on product sales. As you can see the Five Dollar Funnel progressive compensation system truly is ingenuous offering life changing monthly residual income with potentially a one time product purchase of just $5 and now you understand why this home business sensation is spreading like wildfire all over the world.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime risk free opportunity to launch yourself into massive tax-free wealth starting with less money that you have in your pockets right now only $5 investment required, nothing more nothing less!!!

This program is setting the world on fire right now as we speak, so we say its inexpensive to join and it can be FREE!

If you want to buy and upgrade your backoffice for $5, just click on the link, pay your $5 and you can get started into the program. If you want to use the free links then just make sure that you look into the free options, use the one that most comfortable to you and your backoffice must be upgraded accordingly.

There’s no reason not to get started now Folks, there’s so little risk for this program, nobody gets hurts with the $5 Funnel and there is a huge rewards ,there’s a massive upside and we are growing by leaps and bounds every single day and the time is now to take action and if you have questions by all means contact us inside your dashboard and get your questions answered.

It’s really up to you how hard you work, this is not a MONEY GAME, it’s not a SCAM, it’s not a PONZI SCHEME, it’s not something were you get your five people to give $5 then get 5 people and give $5. This is a SERIES OF SOLID TRAINING PROGRAM that teaches you how to do business correctly, teaches you how to do Network Marketing correctly and all along the way to each one of these programs, you gonna have step by step instruction on the Mindset, and the Skillset necessary to become successful not only in this industry but in any profession that you choose. Hope it make sense to you. Join us today!





Five Dollar Funnel System

P.S. You really can’t miss to be part of this Proven To Work opportunity and be the judge for yourself how much it can change your financial situation like nothing else out there.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.
Five Dollar Funnel – Procashbuilder Team


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